Lure Luxx

Lure Luxx was a band from the mid 90's that i was in with Simon Vincent, Brian Kim, Matthew Solle and Dave Campbell. People didn't really make homemade music vids then but Brian got nostalgic and made this vid in more recent times 

Untitled 1, improv jam in San Francisco

                                    THE GO! TEAM 

The Go! Team made three short documentary films from 2005 - 2011 correlating with the three studio albums; thunder lightning strike, proof of youth and rolling blackouts L

Docu 1

Docu 2 (pt 1)

Docu 2 (pt 2):

Docu 3:

The Go! Team live at the Brooklyn bowl (prob the best sounding audio on a live video we ever got!) :

The Go! Team live on arte TV (A big TV show in france the set was the whole interior of this big aircraft hangar):



Junior kickstart (an unofficial video that we like!):

The Power Is On (the bands UK TV debut, Jools Holland show):

Huddle formation (live recording on Foxrox, USA 2007):

Ladyflash, USA children's TV show 'pancake mountain'

Doing it right

Milk crisis (the B side to doing it right, the video was made for cartoon network): Keys to the city

Keys to the city (video made by our friend Bob Jaroc)


Apollo Throwdown (feat: Dominque Unique):

Buy nothing day (feat: Bethany Consentino from 'Best Coast')

Secretary song (feat: Satomi from 'deerhoof')

    The Scene Between Did You Know?

Did You Know? 




tamatebako, created by Hideyuki Katsumata

houdini, created by Carl Sullivan

the wheel and the ring, created by Richard Gladman

france Gnarl, created by Bob Brown


thinking 'bout thinkin'   created by Esther Springett and Hannah Sackett 

tamatebako live in session for

houdini, live at Corsica studios

fickle fortune, live at Corsica studios

france gnarl, live at Corsica studios, London

Full set, live at Corsica studios, London       

song for ronnie, thinkin bout thinkin, w/ no bee sting, live at Paradiso, Amsterdam


Hillbilly, created by Hideyuki Katsumata

Construction of a bird house, created by Rob Ramsden

                   The Daniel Wakeford Experience

Its a wonderful city, filmed by Daisy Dickenson