Community work

Here is a link to my Linkedin profile:

I have worked for a number of community / youth music projects. I am particularly interested in projects that are targeted at young people who don't have access to creative musical activities. I am currently working on a project exclusively for learning disabled musicians which has been very rewarding and inspirational. 

Below are some links to organisations I have worked for / continue to work for. I am always looking to develop my experience in this field of work. Please contact me if you would like assistance with a youth / community music project.

Starfish music project: 

starfish facebook page:

DV8 training Sussex: 

A short film about DV8 Sussex an organisation which provides training in the creative industries for young people. I worked for several years as a music production tutor delivering nationally recognised qualifications


Carousel is a learning disability arts charity. I work for the charity as a band producer, facilitating music projects. 

Here is a short film about The Dancing Rock Queens a band I work with as part of the Carousel music project. 

I worked for several years on a choir project called The Carousel singers. The choir would explore writing and performing their own original music. This is a spooky song called Creepy Sneaky!

In collaboration with Carousel and Drake music I facilitated sessions enabling learning disabled musician Louis Walkden to create the song Magpie. 

Current Carousel projects include working with a Learning disabled band called The Carousel House Band


Rhythmix facebook page:

A short video about a Rhythmix mentoring project i took part in 

Kerrang radio visited a project I run in Hastings and made a short film

Link to a video showcasing work with a music project working with young people accessing mental health services