I am a musician living in Brighton, UK. 

Music projects i'm involved with include:

*The Go! Team
*CUZ w / Mike Watt
*The Daniel Wakeford Experience
*Samethings w / Dj Scotch Egg
*Lure luxx
*I'm Being Good
*100 pets

Since studying music technology at Northbrook college in 2001, I have worked for a variety of community music, learning disability and education organisations including the East Sussex youth development service, Starfish music project and DV8 training Sussex. I have also gained musical experience playing guitar and drums in various bands over the last twenty years. from 2004- 2012 I toured extensively making festival, TV and radio appearances as a band member of the mercury prize nominated band 
'The Go! Team'. 

I currently work for the Brighton based Charity Carousel as a band producer, supporting learning disabled artists to achieve their creative ambitions. I also work for the South East based charity Rhythmix delivering music projects in areas typically deprived of access to creative musical activities